Saturday, 29 September 2012

How to Receive a Free Winter Cycling Cap

We're giving away one Flemish 100% Winter Cycling Cap!
Red Dots Cycling

We're having a winter cycling cap giveaway!

Today we celebrate the fifth year of Richard's Cycling Art Blog! And, we are so excited that we are offering one lucky recipient a chance to win a...

 The Flemish 100% Winter Cycling Cap!

To win this wonderful winter cap, there are two things you must do:

  1. Go to our Facebook Page and 'Like Us'. 
  2. Leave a comment under the contest post to this question... 

Please, one comment per person.

What is your funniest, weirdest, wacky or nicest moment on the bike?

We will choose the winner through The contest closes Monday, October 1st  @ 18:00 PDT. The winner will be posted on our Facebook Page... Good Luck!


  1. My nicest moment on the bike was the first time when I finished the top of l'Alpe d'Huez. An incredible climb, beautiful scenery, epic ascent... it was like finally coming home :)

  2. Took a fall while riding, a branch from a tree pierced behind my knee. I had to break off the branch, pedal back to my car and drive to E.R. I could see that they were quite busy, told the nurse what happened at the check in, she asked me to take a sit and wait for them to call. I turned around and walked toward an empty seat with a branch still stuck behind my knee. The nurse said "actually, why don't you come in NOW." Fastest E.R. visit ever.

  3. Years ago I was mountain biking with a friend, went bombing down a hill, and as we were going down, a rabbit darted in front of me and was not getting out of my way. It was running ahead of me for about 50 feet, inches by my front wheel. Had I braked I likely would have gone down. It eventually ran back into the bushes, as if I didn't have enough to worry about!